About our meat birds

We raise several small batches of around 60 Cornish Cross meat birds at a time during the spring & summer months when they're able to pasture. These are faster growing animal that has larger breasts & legs.  They are kept inside shelter for the first couple of weeks with until they're feathered & able to tolerate temperature fluctuations that upstate NY brings.  The bedding is a combination of pine shavings, pine pellets, peat moss, and all-natural Sweet  PDZ to help keep the bedding dry & clean.  

We feed them a Non-GMO mix & put them on grassy pasture as soon as they're able to regulate their own body temperature. They free range all day & are put back into their chicken tractor at night, safely away from night predators.   We do not fertilize any of our lawns or pastures with anything unnatural other than manure & lyme as needed for proper pH of the soil (to improve grass & hay conditions).   The natural manure from the  chickens has provided us with amazingly thick, healthy, plush grass that the  chickens  & other livestock are able to forage on later.

They are also occasionally given organic apple cider vinegar to boost immune function.

Despite being a heavier bird (we typically process at 5-7# live weight resulting in a 3.5-5# dressed weight), they are very active birds, and LOVE to forage for grasses & bugs, which further enriches the meat and reduces your GMO intake.

They are processed in food grade poultry shrink bags, sealed to protect from freezer burn to last for years in the freezer.

Non-GMO Pastured Poultry (this was a 2018 bird raised on our farm)

Non-GMO Pastured Poultry (this was a 2018 bird raised on our farm)