About our meat birds

We raise several small batches of around 60-90 Cornish Cross meat birds at a time during the spring & summer months when they're able to pasture. These are faster growing animals that have larger breasts & legs.  They are kept inside shelter for the first couple of weeks with until they're feathered & able to tolerate temperature fluctuations that upstate NY brings.  The bedding is a combination of pine shavings, wood pellets, peat moss, & all-natural Sweet  PDZ to help keep the bedding dry & clean (ammonia & moisture-absorbing to keep the birds in the cleanest possible environment until they're put out on pasture).  

We feed them a high-quality Non-GMO feed & put them on grassy pasture as soon as they're able to regulate their own body temperature. They free range all day & are put back into their chicken tractor at night, safely away from night predators.   We do not fertilize any of our lawns or pastures with anything unnatural other than manure & lyme as needed for proper pH of the soil (to improve grass & hay conditions).   The natural manure from the  chickens has provided us with amazingly thick, healthy, plush grass that the  chickens  & other livestock are able to forage on later.

They are also occasionally given organic apple cider vinegar to boost immune function & are moved to fresh grass daily.   Despite being a heavier bird (we typically process at 5-7# live weight resulting in a 3.5-5# dressed weight), they are very active birds, & LOVE to forage for grasses & bugs, which further enriches the meat and reduces your GMO intake.

They are processed in food grade poultry shrink bags & sealed to protect from freezer burn to last for years in the freezer.   We harvest every possible part of the bird, including the bones & feet for anti-inflammatory bone broth or raw dog chews as well as the skin to render down for schmaltz. Did you realize how much healthier & heat tolerant natural animal fats are when rendered down?   If you've never tried potato cubes roasted in schmaltz, you have come to the right place!  Ask for a pack of chicken skins & try it!

Non-GMO Pastured Poultry (this was a 2018 bird raised on our farm)

Non-GMO Pastured Poultry (this was a 2018 bird raised on our farm)