About Us

Thank you for your interest in SteAmy Farms LLC!

ll that's an, um, interesting name for a farm- how did that come to be?  

Steve & Amy Farrand started their small farm in 2009 with 10 chickens.  Steve's Amish-built shed that held his beloved tools & guy-stuff was converted to a chicken coop with several additions over the years... now being as big as many small homes with brooding rooms & separate wings (see what I did there?) for the spoiled birds.  'Chicken Math' in play here... the struggle is real...  Steve's knowing how to build anything has been a blessing for Amy, and, at times, probably a curse for Steve who cuts NO corners with anything he builds or does.

Next came a few pigs & then a few cows... Amy always wanted to raise her own animals & given Steve's having been raised on a farm, he graciously agreed to Amy's request knowing she'd love it. 

Well, they needed a name for the farm & thought it would be cute to combine their names to be ... SteAmy Farms.  

He was excited to raise his kids  to learn the values & skills that growing up on a farm instills, especially having his mentors, mom & dad, still next door on the homestead, & brother, trained in animal husbandry and mechanics, also next door.  

Steve & Amy both had full time jobs, two growing kids, pets, & were building their home.  Time was never a luxury, but the farm began, on a small scale, and somehow still took every free moment.  It was important to feed the family with quality food and teach the kids the invaluable lessons Steve grew up learning.  They sold a few pigs, cows, & chickens each year which helped cover feed costs at least...

Then in early 2018, after a couple of years of intense discussion, Amy 

'retired' from her full-time, paying job to pursue happiness & expand the farm with Steve.  Who knew retirement would be so much work??  

It's been an amazing journey this year... a very, VERY busy year to put it mildly. We became an LLC, started doing farmers markets, a website, put in a walk-in freezer & LOTS of new infrastructure around the farm. We've met THE MOST INCREDIBLE, intelligent, gracious people through this journey.  We've heard stories about how our labor of love has impacted their lives for the better which has made the amount of work & sacrifice worth it.   

Our mission is to provide the best quality of life for every living creature on our farm because they deserve it. And so do you. 

Thank you for letting us into your homes. And for your business.