About Our Beef

What is Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Beef?

Our beef cows are born & raised on the farm, with the exception of a few that are occasionally brought in to modify the genetics. They take approximately 2 years to fully mature to butcher weight unlike grain-fed or grain-finished cows (which are often sent to butcher at 12-15 months).  Typically, grain is fed to cows throughout life or at the end to fatten & marble them to get them to the butcher faster.   However, when allowed to naturally pasture on plenty of healthy grass, & moved to different pastures daily, you'll get a very healthy, rich, nicely marbled grass-fed & finished cow.  This results in the healthier overall nutrition profile but healthier fats for you as the consumer.  It's better for the animal's quality of life. AND YOURS! 

Check out our gallery below of some nicely marbled grass-fed steaks that you can almost taste with your eyes!